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UTSW APAMSA Mentorship Program:
Application Form for Students

The purpose of the mentorship program is to bring UTSW students and physicians in the DFW area together. Students will benefit from being paired with a mentor who has a shared interest in medical specialty or topic (i.e. global health or community health). The mentorship can lead to shadowing and/or other medically-related opportunities.

Mentorship program activities:
Other than individual meetings and shadowing opportunities with the physician mentor, APAMSA will host several activities over the year for participants of the program:

> Connecting Over Lunch
6 physicians and 6 APAMSA members will be randomly selected to enjoy a casual lunch together and converse with each other. It will be held at least twice a year.

> Health Issues Meetings
Physicians will speak at APAMSA-hosted meetings about health-related topic(s) throughout the year. These meetings are typically held during lunch and are open to all of the UTSW community. It will be held at least twice a year.

Student Membership Requirements:
1. Register with the program: Application Form for Students
2. Attend at least 1/3 of APAMSA's yearly activities

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